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/these three days.

Yay I can finally use the computerrrrrr!
Hahaha. Cos on thursday I baked for teachers' day! and then... I was using the oven. And suddenly "BOOM!" Blackout! haha. So the electricity tripped and the computer shut down and the TV couldn't off and the lights were out etc etc. And my mum did sth and then it could all work again, EXCEPT the computer and the oven:X
So my cinnamon apple raisin chocolate cake (which many ppl thought was a brownie but i assure you YUMMY all the same:D:D) was NOT baked. And so very paiseh:X
Had to go ask my neighbour to help me bake for 1 and a half hours. I felt super bad cos i used so much of their electricity! But yeppp.

What's worse was that the computer cld no longer work:X
OHHHH man.

And then I also incurred my mummy's wrath! Haix. Cos i haven't been baking for a long time, and she's forgotten I grew up so I know how to bake and CLEAN UP PROPERLY w/o leaving a mess. Haha. Well. So i proved to her I could do it. I wiped the tabletops until they were sparkling clean, and I mopped the floor! :)

I know, so guai right:D:D XIE XIE, XIE XIE!!!

Yep!!! then ytd was teachers' day! :D:D Yay gave them the yummy cake! EHH IT WAS GOOD KAY! I guessed I proved a point: DEBORAH CAN BAKE!!! :)
Oh yeh, once i let mummy taste my cake, she said it was nice. And after awhile she told me, " Deborah, actually mummy doesn't mind if you bake you know. Mummy is very happy you bake, but must know how to clean up, and mummy saw, you cleaned up well."

haha the teachers' day celebration was quite good! I guess in JC things are less structured compared to sec sch. For breakfast party everyone was walking ard randomly! And yeppp the concert thingy was short but highly entertaining! And for some parts haha quite lame, which suited me just fine T.T
Oh well, then went back to TMS with henrietta, woon chien and peirong! hahaha. Gosh I totally missssssss TMS like maddddd! And yeh, cos friday = tie day, and I forgot to take off my tie since every fri i dont take it off, and arkah went like, " YES, deborah. We know you're from VJ." HAHA o.0 Nonsense person, which AGAIN made me notice i was the bark of all the leaves. T.T YESSSSS. Im the only VJ person of my graduating class T.T
BUT WELL. GREAT fun to see all the teachers, and of course, steal some food :P esp frm my sister's class:D
Miss the juniors!!! And missed those ppl whose sch ended like at 11. So we missed claudia and gang. then after we saw the teachers went to kfc for lunchie with xinyun, debbie, lihui and jina! :D:D HAHA usual clique:D Talk talk talk and we all went back. Went on to study at home and then went for badminton ard 6.30 with shrish and shyan ann at CSC! RAWR STUPID BJ!!!! WHY YOU NEVER COMEEEEE!!!!!!!! Haha. Well, quite tiring but great exercise^^
And then after I went to bowl w my sister:D

Today: Ultra productive! Woke up ard 10:X
Papa was super nice. He was my chauffeur for the day! He fetched me to aunty esther's hse to pass her the teachers' day pressie, and then after he fetched me to the library! :D
yep reached lib ard 1 and studied till 5.30pm. Then I went to print stuff and the uncle was super nice. And funny.


I was waiting for the uncle to print stuff, then this maid went to collect her stuff and said she forgot to bring money. o.0
And he just let her take her stuff.

Me: Uncle, 你怎么知道她回还钱给你?
Uncle: 哎哟,做人要放轻松。
Me: 可是,你为什么这么轻易相信别人呢?
Uncle: 小妹啊,你做事不要害怕,要大方一点。

Me: Uncle, 我要double-sided.
Uncle: 没有double-sided. 只有两面。
Me: 不是,Uncle, 我要double-sided.
Uncle: 没有double-sided. 只有两面。
Me: Huh.

Then come out: it's double-sided,
Uncle: 哈哈!跟你开玩笑啦!
Me: Uncle! 这种事怎么可以开玩笑的!
Uncle: 哈哈!

Uncle: 这份一块七。
Me: 哦。
Uncle: 这份三块八。
Me: 哦。
Uncle: 那么,总共多少呢?
Uncle: 错,是五块半。
Me: 五块五不是五块半?
Uncle: 不是。
Me: Uncle, 我的华文不好啦,你别取笑我了!:)

Yepppp. Then after that went home and asked if papa cld fetch me to the nearest mrt station! Then went to expo to find jonathan and joey! :D:D

They're super nice company luh, supposed to watch money no enough2, but too late le, so we talked over a popeyes dinner instead:D Nice kiddos. I have a feeling they'll end up together, and trust me, my gut feeling is correct most of the time:)

TMR we're gg for church in the morning together!


Lately the song "There is none like you" by lenny leblanc is stuck in my head. :D


October 2008

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