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I need to do a lot of things. Yep, a lot. Not alot but a lot. Two words. Haha sometimes i really wanna yell at people who type "alot" when it should be "a lot". AHHHHHH. okayokay. i shall continue.

anyway, you need to:

1) Start building up POWERFUL vocab.

haha. Can't afford to be mediocre. Must jiayou for literature.

2) Start believing in myself despite the many battles i face in my life.

Basically, family ties (especially with mum) are rather strained. we just cannot seem to come to an agreement, and its time to stop solely blaming her, and start saying: hey, deborah/flora, its your fault too. But yeh, sometimes, it's just hard to blame yourself. You think you're right. But no, running away from home was never right. No matter how hard anyone is on you, no running away. Solve it, face it. Don't make people worry the whole night for you.
"But I did the right thing, running away from home. I did it to salvage my exams. I couldn't study, at least not at home, with the racket/din and the exams a mere two days away. And I was receiving discouragement. It was right, really right."

Nonono. No more reasoning. No more. It's time for you to emerge strong, Deborah. You can hear discouragement, sure. But do not let it get to you. Focus on the Lord.

Dear Father, Lord, let me decrease and you increase. Help me to be strong, Lord. Teach me to hear you more, and show me how to live the way you want me to. In Jesus' name i pray, Amen.

Other stuffs too. but yeh, this is the one that needs most attention.

3) Start working on my Written Report.

Quit stalling already!!!

4) Pack my table!

Gosh my table is flooded with books since post-examinations. I have been organising my files but yeh that's about it. Must get rid of the mountain!

5) Continue to go Gym! (:

No stopping, deb! Get working! After promos is a great time to return to this place, and keep carrying on. No more exempting yourself from gyming sessions just because of your studies! Balance, girl,  BALANCE IS KEY!

6) Continue the pre-Promos spirit!

The one where you're inspired to continue, at a constant pace, BECAUSE YOU KNOW. Four R-papers are waiting for you! Plus one Chinese "A" Level paper. Press on, Press on!!!

7) Continue NOT feelinng stressed!

Tell yourself this is all part and parcel of life. And no, nothing is going to bring you down. Do not over-do! Give yourself time to chillax. (haha, i think you've alr accomplished that. Two movies in two days. you're mad.)

8) Get improving on your Chinese!

Yes, you know it sucks. But whatever, focus on long-term, no short-term here girl, long-term long-term.

Yes. Eight things to do. But, focus on God and you accomplish them all. Therefore, one thing to do, one journey, one legacy(:
Haha tribe motto!

Jiayou woman, you can do this!

you are worthy of all praise,
to you my life i raise,
you are awesome in this place,
mighty God.


October 2008

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