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haha. Today was madness. Mmm sorta enjoyed the sharing of religion thingy in the PT. Good to know about other ppl's religions but that does nt mean we have to accept them. Haha. The last guy was good. From the way he spoke, he cld be a GP teacher alr. Ahh well, due to odd sleeping hours like now, I was super exhausted. I totally cldn't take in during econs lect anymore and after half a period there, I left my stuff there and just went to the choir room to slp for 1 period. Jasmine called me after that and woah, I felt SUPER awake. Amazing what 1/2hr rests can do to you! And even MORE amazing was when I was told there would be NO chinese today! I WAS A HAPPY GIRL :D

MMM after that it was doing PW WR and EoM and then PE where we played TOUCH rugby. Haha. Fun fun fun! But I mean it man, the sun was super HOT.

Lol after that Jas the Smurf was complaining that the sun was very hot.

And I said, " WAH, imagine if next time, I name my son "Sun". Hahaha. People will say he's hot. :D:D
Then Smurf said," Wah imagine if I marry someone whose surname is "Tan". Wah, Then if I name my son "Sun", his name will be "Sun Tan" HAHAHAHA!!!! :D:D:D:D:D

K fine. Sry if that was super lame. But you know it what. Haha. It's rather me:)

Yep after that it was gg for dinner at CSC. Gosh. Longing to play badminton:D:D

Friday night, anyone?


October 2008

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