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Oct. 16th, 2008


Shifted: onebillet-doux.blogspot.com
I'll miss you old bloggy(:
You went through my "O" levels w me. For that, you rock! You shall be used for private posts!!!(:


Oct. 10th, 2008


Yep, so Ms Teo is not following us to year two ):
But anyway, thanks so much for putting so much effort in for our class and even agreeing to having small sessions with us when we ask you. it was much appreciated!

Ms Teo with 08S63!

Haha fine. The class was exceptionally small that day! Only 15 ppl from 08S63 o.0
Yep! (:

Oct. 5th, 2008


new blog coming soon. Time for a change. A new me will emerge, stronger than before(:
This blog will soon be used for private posts! (:

(no subject)

I need to do a lot of things. Yep, a lot. Not alot but a lot. Two words. Haha sometimes i really wanna yell at people who type "alot" when it should be "a lot". AHHHHHH. okayokay. i shall continue.

anyway, you need to:

1) Start building up POWERFUL vocab.

haha. Can't afford to be mediocre. Must jiayou for literature.

2) Start believing in myself despite the many battles i face in my life.

Basically, family ties (especially with mum) are rather strained. we just cannot seem to come to an agreement, and its time to stop solely blaming her, and start saying: hey, deborah/flora, its your fault too. But yeh, sometimes, it's just hard to blame yourself. You think you're right. But no, running away from home was never right. No matter how hard anyone is on you, no running away. Solve it, face it. Don't make people worry the whole night for you.
"But I did the right thing, running away from home. I did it to salvage my exams. I couldn't study, at least not at home, with the racket/din and the exams a mere two days away. And I was receiving discouragement. It was right, really right."

Nonono. No more reasoning. No more. It's time for you to emerge strong, Deborah. You can hear discouragement, sure. But do not let it get to you. Focus on the Lord.

Dear Father, Lord, let me decrease and you increase. Help me to be strong, Lord. Teach me to hear you more, and show me how to live the way you want me to. In Jesus' name i pray, Amen.

Other stuffs too. but yeh, this is the one that needs most attention.

3) Start working on my Written Report.

Quit stalling already!!!

4) Pack my table!

Gosh my table is flooded with books since post-examinations. I have been organising my files but yeh that's about it. Must get rid of the mountain!

5) Continue to go Gym! (:

No stopping, deb! Get working! After promos is a great time to return to this place, and keep carrying on. No more exempting yourself from gyming sessions just because of your studies! Balance, girl,  BALANCE IS KEY!

6) Continue the pre-Promos spirit!

The one where you're inspired to continue, at a constant pace, BECAUSE YOU KNOW. Four R-papers are waiting for you! Plus one Chinese "A" Level paper. Press on, Press on!!!

7) Continue NOT feelinng stressed!

Tell yourself this is all part and parcel of life. And no, nothing is going to bring you down. Do not over-do! Give yourself time to chillax. (haha, i think you've alr accomplished that. Two movies in two days. you're mad.)

8) Get improving on your Chinese!

Yes, you know it sucks. But whatever, focus on long-term, no short-term here girl, long-term long-term.

Yes. Eight things to do. But, focus on God and you accomplish them all. Therefore, one thing to do, one journey, one legacy(:
Haha tribe motto!

Jiayou woman, you can do this!

you are worthy of all praise,
to you my life i raise,
you are awesome in this place,
mighty God.

Sep. 6th, 2008

/New Insight to Hess's Law.

Chemistry is great fun. I have learnt:

By Hess's Law, ^HA=^HB+^HC.  ^Results = ^God's Grace+Love+Mercy  +  ^Luck, ^H > 0 (endothermic i.e. enters system), where ^Luck = 0

As such, temperature of surroundings become cool and thus surrounding systems seek the warmth or heat and want their reactions to be endothermic as well, and thus follow the above equation.

Dedicated to all Brothers and Sisters in Christ who are facing an obstacle in your life right now:D  Overcome the odds through the Lord. Especially for year twos taking A levels as well as year Ones chionging for promos:)

Sep. 4th, 2008


Daddy, I'm in love... and he looks just like you!

PARIS (AFP) - - Men tend to wind up with life partners who look like their mother, while a woman is lured to a partner who looks like her father, scientists reported on Wednesday.

Heterosexuals are deeply attracted to individuals whose faces are similar to that of their opposite-sex parent, they said, suggesting that this characteristic is rooted in an evolutionary drive.

A team led by Tamas Bereczkei at the University of Pecs in Hungary created a model of facial ratios -- width of jaw, distance between mouth and brow and so on -- comprising 14 facial zones.

They measured 312 Hungarian adults from 52 different families using this method. Each family included a couple, along with two sets of parents.

The researchers found a significant correlation in facial similarities between a woman's mate and her father, and also between a man's partner and his mother.

The team tested the model on faces that were randomly selected from the general population and repeated the experiment with a panel of judges, who also picked out the same pairings from randomly selected groups of photos.

Interestingly, men and women focused on different parts of the face when they home in on a potential mate, they found.

A man's lover and his mother tended to have similar fullness in the lips, width of mouth, as well as length and width of jaw.

But for women, the critical features were the distance between mouth and brow, the height of the face, distance between the eyes and the size of a man's nose.    

HUH. 我爸爸的鼻子有点大。:X

The choices are driven less by psychology and socialisation and more by evolutionary pressures, suggests Bereczkei.

Too much genetic overlap -- as can happen with incest -- is an evolutionary no-no.

But seeking similar genetic traits "may confer individuals with additional adaptive advantages," he wrote.

It could increase the degree to which parents share genes with offspring, enhancing the genetic representation of future generations.

Finding similar partners might also help perpetuate genetic complexes that have evolved to adapt to a particular environment.

There may be an additional bonus, which probably has more to do with happiness than a genetic imperative.

"Human couples who are similar in physical and psychological characteristics are more likely to remain together than dissimilar partners, possibly leading to an increase in fertility," the study concludes.

The research appears in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B. The Royal Society is Britain's de-facto academy of sciences.

Acknowlegdement of source: http://sg.news.yahoo.com/afp/20080904/tts-science-sex-love-genetics-behaviour-c1b2fc3.html

hahaha. cool article!

Aug. 30th, 2008

/these three days.

Yay I can finally use the computerrrrrr!
Hahaha. Cos on thursday I baked for teachers' day! and then... I was using the oven. And suddenly "BOOM!" Blackout! haha. So the electricity tripped and the computer shut down and the TV couldn't off and the lights were out etc etc. And my mum did sth and then it could all work again, EXCEPT the computer and the oven:X
So my cinnamon apple raisin chocolate cake (which many ppl thought was a brownie but i assure you YUMMY all the same:D:D) was NOT baked. And so very paiseh:X
Had to go ask my neighbour to help me bake for 1 and a half hours. I felt super bad cos i used so much of their electricity! But yeppp.

What's worse was that the computer cld no longer work:X
OHHHH man.

And then I also incurred my mummy's wrath! Haix. Cos i haven't been baking for a long time, and she's forgotten I grew up so I know how to bake and CLEAN UP PROPERLY w/o leaving a mess. Haha. Well. So i proved to her I could do it. I wiped the tabletops until they were sparkling clean, and I mopped the floor! :)

I know, so guai right:D:D XIE XIE, XIE XIE!!!

Yep!!! then ytd was teachers' day! :D:D Yay gave them the yummy cake! EHH IT WAS GOOD KAY! I guessed I proved a point: DEBORAH CAN BAKE!!! :)
Oh yeh, once i let mummy taste my cake, she said it was nice. And after awhile she told me, " Deborah, actually mummy doesn't mind if you bake you know. Mummy is very happy you bake, but must know how to clean up, and mummy saw, you cleaned up well."

haha the teachers' day celebration was quite good! I guess in JC things are less structured compared to sec sch. For breakfast party everyone was walking ard randomly! And yeppp the concert thingy was short but highly entertaining! And for some parts haha quite lame, which suited me just fine T.T
Oh well, then went back to TMS with henrietta, woon chien and peirong! hahaha. Gosh I totally missssssss TMS like maddddd! And yeh, cos friday = tie day, and I forgot to take off my tie since every fri i dont take it off, and arkah went like, " YES, deborah. We know you're from VJ." HAHA o.0 Nonsense person, which AGAIN made me notice i was the bark of all the leaves. T.T YESSSSS. Im the only VJ person of my graduating class T.T
BUT WELL. GREAT fun to see all the teachers, and of course, steal some food :P esp frm my sister's class:D
Miss the juniors!!! And missed those ppl whose sch ended like at 11. So we missed claudia and gang. then after we saw the teachers went to kfc for lunchie with xinyun, debbie, lihui and jina! :D:D HAHA usual clique:D Talk talk talk and we all went back. Went on to study at home and then went for badminton ard 6.30 with shrish and shyan ann at CSC! RAWR STUPID BJ!!!! WHY YOU NEVER COMEEEEE!!!!!!!! Haha. Well, quite tiring but great exercise^^
And then after I went to bowl w my sister:D

Today: Ultra productive! Woke up ard 10:X
Papa was super nice. He was my chauffeur for the day! He fetched me to aunty esther's hse to pass her the teachers' day pressie, and then after he fetched me to the library! :D
yep reached lib ard 1 and studied till 5.30pm. Then I went to print stuff and the uncle was super nice. And funny.


I was waiting for the uncle to print stuff, then this maid went to collect her stuff and said she forgot to bring money. o.0
And he just let her take her stuff.

Me: Uncle, 你怎么知道她回还钱给你?
Uncle: 哎哟,做人要放轻松。
Me: 可是,你为什么这么轻易相信别人呢?
Uncle: 小妹啊,你做事不要害怕,要大方一点。

Me: Uncle, 我要double-sided.
Uncle: 没有double-sided. 只有两面。
Me: 不是,Uncle, 我要double-sided.
Uncle: 没有double-sided. 只有两面。
Me: Huh.

Then come out: it's double-sided,
Uncle: 哈哈!跟你开玩笑啦!
Me: Uncle! 这种事怎么可以开玩笑的!
Uncle: 哈哈!

Uncle: 这份一块七。
Me: 哦。
Uncle: 这份三块八。
Me: 哦。
Uncle: 那么,总共多少呢?
Uncle: 错,是五块半。
Me: 五块五不是五块半?
Uncle: 不是。
Me: Uncle, 我的华文不好啦,你别取笑我了!:)

Yepppp. Then after that went home and asked if papa cld fetch me to the nearest mrt station! Then went to expo to find jonathan and joey! :D:D

They're super nice company luh, supposed to watch money no enough2, but too late le, so we talked over a popeyes dinner instead:D Nice kiddos. I have a feeling they'll end up together, and trust me, my gut feeling is correct most of the time:)

TMR we're gg for church in the morning together!


Lately the song "There is none like you" by lenny leblanc is stuck in my head. :D

Aug. 26th, 2008


haha. Today was madness. Mmm sorta enjoyed the sharing of religion thingy in the PT. Good to know about other ppl's religions but that does nt mean we have to accept them. Haha. The last guy was good. From the way he spoke, he cld be a GP teacher alr. Ahh well, due to odd sleeping hours like now, I was super exhausted. I totally cldn't take in during econs lect anymore and after half a period there, I left my stuff there and just went to the choir room to slp for 1 period. Jasmine called me after that and woah, I felt SUPER awake. Amazing what 1/2hr rests can do to you! And even MORE amazing was when I was told there would be NO chinese today! I WAS A HAPPY GIRL :D

MMM after that it was doing PW WR and EoM and then PE where we played TOUCH rugby. Haha. Fun fun fun! But I mean it man, the sun was super HOT.

Lol after that Jas the Smurf was complaining that the sun was very hot.

And I said, " WAH, imagine if next time, I name my son "Sun". Hahaha. People will say he's hot. :D:D
Then Smurf said," Wah imagine if I marry someone whose surname is "Tan". Wah, Then if I name my son "Sun", his name will be "Sun Tan" HAHAHAHA!!!! :D:D:D:D:D

K fine. Sry if that was super lame. But you know it what. Haha. It's rather me:)

Yep after that it was gg for dinner at CSC. Gosh. Longing to play badminton:D:D

Friday night, anyone?

Aug. 25th, 2008


Sigh, wo bu xi huan PW:(
Well, i am unable to find a suitable article for EoM. Man, I'm so praying I find a suitable website of smth!!! I needa finish this to and it up tomorrow!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhh.

Aug. 24th, 2008

/Love you Jesus.

Ah, today was great. Cell sharing was great, and service was great. 

Shuana shared using Jeremiah 1. Yes, we are all unique and God created us for a purpose. He planned for us to be used to glorify him. Shall elablorate more on Shauna's sharing another day. Perhaps edit this post.

And woah, during service the sermon was powerful. It really spoke to my heart, about my family and stuff. I really wna be a good daughter and sibling:) Shall update more nxt time cos i gotta study! Sry:X

Well on a side note!!!! THIS IS WAYYYY cool. Spoke to Ji Seung from Korea who was my schoolmate SEVEN years ago in CHINA, Xiamen International School. hahaha. Nice time catching up:D 
AHH WELL. REALLY GREAT! haha im a happy girl:D

Thank you God, for everything.

Come to the father,
though your gift is small.
Broken hearts, broken lives,
He would take them all.

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